Service for Sellers

Service for Sellers

Service for Sellers

Consulting a real estate agency for selling your property is a good habit. Of course preferrably this is a local and full-service real estate agent instead of an internet broker. As you personal real estate agency and consultants we are happy to help and guide you expertly through the entire sales process when selling your home. Are you considering consulting Home Catcher to sell your porperty? This will provide you with a number of advantages, of which the most important:

Local experience concerning current value ánd selling prices

A local full-service real estate agent is an expert. He or she has the local knowledge and expertise needed to get the most out of the sale. We are familiar with the specific property market in the area and the developments there. By operating in the same area for years we know exactly what the value of the properties in your neighborhood is. More important: we know for which amount of money they are usually sold. Because of this we are capable to perform an accurate valuation and determine a realistic asking price.

No worries about the sales process – during negotiations and viewings

It does sound pretty good: conducting your own negotiations and getting the most out of it. In reality this usually turns out to be different. The buying party is just as stubborn as you can be during the negotiations and the final selling price is usually not as spectaculair as you had hoped, or as an internet broker told you. Performing the viewings yourself is not easy either: this also is a profession in its own right that is completely mastered by a full-service real estate company like Home Catcher. If you choose for a local real estate company you will definitely get more results.

Personal contact with you ánd the buyers

Probably you are aware of the benefits of a real estate agency by now. Still the choice between an internet broker and a full-service real estate agency remains. Why choose for a local broker? Not only is the chance higher that the local broker will get you a better sales price and will amply earn back his own costs, which is 2% plus taxes for sellers at Home Catcher, he will also ensure you of a pleasantly sales process that you hardly have to worry about yourself.

As the internet broker works from a distance and is sometimes hard to reach per e-mail or phone, the local full-service real estate agent is always there for you and visits you at home for viewings and a personal conversation. This personal approach is not only pleasant for you, but also for the buying party that will negotiate with your real estate agent. This results in smooth negotiations and an end result that exceeds your expectations.

Service For Sellers at Home Catcher

The Home Catcher team is happy to takel all the work off your hands as your full-service real estate company, from viewings and negotiations to legal settlement and guidance to the notary. We do this by optimally and intensively guiding and advising you during the sales process. We strive for the highest possible, though market-conforming sales proceeds from your home.